End of Lease Cleaning

Reasons To Move Out With Cleaners Rowville

This complex service includes deep cleaning of your entire home including ovens, windows, carpets and upholstery. A well executed end of lease cleaning is a guarantee that you will get your money back from your landlord. That is why you can consider it as a cost-effective alternative. We have complied a list of the advantages of relying on us when you decide to move out:

    End of Lease  Cleaning Rowville

  • The chance to recover your deposit from your landlord;
  • Straightforward answer for a task that typically takes a great deal of time;
  • Impeccable results, that will make even the most strict proprietor satisfied;
  • We give 72 hours guarantee that you can benefit from;
  • Hardest to reach places in every single room will not be neglected;
  • Commonly accepted standards will be applied in order to get your money back;
  • This service gives you time to organise your new home while our professionals do the dirty work;

The Process Of Cleaning

    End of Lease Cleaning Rowville

  • Each and every customer can give their requests in advance, during the booking process;
  • The first thing our professional teams will do, is to compile a plan of action;
  • Our specialists will begin with the most tedious jobs;
  • Then they will vacuum and mop all floors;
  • All doors and windows will be wiped, and dust and spider webs will be removed;
  • When the cleaners attend to your fridge, they remove spoiled and expired food instead of you;
  • The upholstery is vacuumed and cleaned with the correct detergent according to the fabric material;
  • Whatever is left of the work will be done subsequently;
  • Finally, they will check if the results match your expectations and see if there is need for any improvements;
  • If it is required, a re-clean procedure will be performed;

Little repairs can be done by our team of builders. This is something that is usually occurs when you have to move out – particularly if you have been living in the same place for a while. Keep it in mind, that you ought to specify that in advance, when you are arranging the cleaning over the phone.